Cash on Delivery

With increasingly more consumers relying on delivery services to receive the goods they need, Cash on Delivery (CoD) is a popular payment option that retailers are compelled to offer. Having a Cash on Delivery payment option is beneficial to the retailer, as it increases the potential customer audience to include those who do not use online transaction options. It also benefits the consumer, as they only need to make the payment once they receive the goods.

Connect Co. offers reliable Cash on Delivery services for clients who require it. Our specialist team is adept at payment collection and financial management, and will ensure that cash payments are settled swiftly and efficiently. We pride ourselves in being the most dependable and speedy cash settlement last mile delivery company in Sri Lanka, with settlements done in less than one week!

We currently offer the Cash on Delivery service for a limited number of delivery locations. You can see the relevant areas here.

Why wait any longer? Contact us today to inquire about our Cash on Delivery services and receive a quote for your business.

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